Mélusine's Calendars

The old calendar is from the days of the Kings; reckons the year from our September 22; each month has 30 days divided into 3 decads (days counted from Première to Dixième each decad); the five days at the end of the year, between 30 Fructidor and 1 Vendémiaire, mark the Trials of Heth-Eskaladen and are still an excuse for a festival in the Lower City; indictions (years) are counted from the Ascension of Tal-Matharat in septads (groups of seven); this calendar still used by the bourgeoisie, the working class, and the underworld. They keep time in hours from sunrise and sunset. Noon is the seventh hour of the day (the septad-day), and midnight is the seventh hour of the night (the septad-night).

The wizards' calendar reckons the year from the summer solstice (our June 21); every fourth year the calendar marks one day of the Trials of Heth-Eskaladen; years are counted ab urbe condita, the founding of Cymellune of the Waters. The days of the week are Lundy, Mardy, Mercredy, Jeudy, Vendredy, Samedy, Dimanche. They keep time as we do, by hours of the clock, counting from midnight to noon and noon to midnight. This is the calendar of the wizards, the court and nobility, and those with pretensions to gentility.

Mélusine began on Lundy, Bous 9, 2279 AUC, which is also Dixième, 10 Pluviôse, 20.2.4 (fourth indiction of the reign of the Pontifex Berenger). The Virtu begins on Pell 17, 2281 AUC (20 Messidor 20.2.5).

Our CalendarCity CalendarWizards' Calendar
JANUARYNivôseAmalie (31)
FEBRUARYPluviôseBous (30)
MARCHVentôseThéoc (31)
APRILGerminalEndes (30)
MAYFloréalHeraclé (31)
JUNEPrairialIllé (30)
JULYMessidor*Pell (31)
AUGUSTThermidorBucat (31)
SEPTEMBERFructidorBathus (28)
OCTOBER*VendémiaireEré (31)
NOVEMBERBrumaireDai (30)
DECEMBERFrimairePetrop (31)

* marks the month in which the year/indiction begins
numbers in parentheses indicate the number of days in a month